About Us

About us

jml Training Consultancy has delivered first class leadership training and development services into the corporate and public sectors since 1997.

We provide:

  • Leadership development programmes.
  • Leadership training courses.
  • Executive coaching.
  • Team building workshops and team facilitation.

All our training is delivered in-house and we write all our own material; designing high impact experiential leadership training that will raise the level of skills and performance in an organisation.

Our priority is to ensure positive action and change result from exceptional training and we work hard to create an environment where participants develop the confidence to move out of their ‘comfort zone’, respond positively to new challenges and begin to challenge themselves.

Clients value us for our integrity, collaborative style and commitment to their business.

How we work with you

Taking your situation as our starting point, we will work closely with you to understand your organisational goals, culture, values and staff development needs. Then alongside you, we will create cost-effective development solutions for success.

Experiential learning

There is a positive correlation between pro-active line manager support and the opportunity to learn in the workplace, which drives performance improvement.  So to increase the effectiveness of training, we maintain ongoing engagement between line managers, participants and facilitators.

“With line manager support, 94% of participants go on to apply what they have learnt”

This engagement combined with in-house development programmes designed to encourage participants to use real and current issues, produces excellent learning results and the ability to tackle a real agenda with significant impact.

Progress monitoring

Throughout every programme, progress is monitored to ensure it continues to meet your objectives, and we will always refine and rethink aspects of a module in response to changing needs.

Our interactive delivery approach is designed to positively support and value previous learning and experience where appropriate, rather than focusing on skills deficits.

This not only encourages participants to open up to new ideas, approaches and to positively receive and act on feedback; but also provides us with opportunities to iterate the programme material to better meet the needs of participants.

Communications skills

Effective working relationships are key to delivering results and every programme we deliver provides the opportunity for participants to enhance their communication skills. This is particularly important for leadership and management in organisations striving towards flatter structures and cross functional teams.

In summary, our programmes of development will significantly increase the self-awareness, self-confidence and skills of the participants, so that they will become the leaders your organisation is seeking and their learning will have immediate impact back in the workplace.

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