Managing Stress for Better Workplace Well-being

Heavy workloads, organisational change, long hours, doing more with less – Is this having an impact on your team? Are you seeing an increase in disputes and disaffection within the team? Do people appear to be working together less well? Is there more competition rather than collaboration within the team, and is this having an […]

Inquisitiveness at Work

How important is inquisitiveness? Do you look for curious people when you are hiring new staff? How do you respond when a member of your team asks you “why do we do this?” or “why do we do it this way?” In my experience it is not always valued or encouraged. Even worse than that, […]

In Support of Middle Managers

I read an article recently that rather unkindly referred to middle managers as the “muddle in the middle”. This got me thinking about how often middle managers get a bad press. I wonder if the “squeezed middle” might be a more appropriate description.  So, I write in defence of the middle manager. They are required […]

Has empathy become blunted in the public sector?

Empathy is increasingly seen in the private sector as a key component of business success. Empathy is the ability to build connection with people, to understand how they think and feel and what is important for them. Whether those people are customers, employees, potential business partners or clients, insight in to how they see and […]