Leadership Development Programmes



Leadership Development Programmes are designed to run over a period of months. The programmes can combine training, psychometric profiling, coaching and feedback to enable participants to develop an insightful and inspiring leadership approach. The programme content and timeframe is designed around client requirements.

We recommend that a Leadership Development Programme starts with a three-way contracting meeting of line managers, participants and facilitators to establish development goals.

We ask participants to work on a specific aspect of development between modules, for example, to practice a new or expanded skill or apply their learning in a new situation. We seek feedback on their actions at the beginning of the following module.


A self-assessment booklet, specifically designed to the content of a leadership programme, is provided to each participant to assess his or her key competencies and areas of development.

The assessment serves to increase self-awareness prior to the facilitated learning and the pre/post audit acts as an evaluation measure.

Guided Learning

Participants will develop a Personal Portfolio of course materials, reading references and their own notes and personal actions. The results of group work exercises will be circulated to participants where appropriate.

Participants are provided with extensive Reading Lists to support their learning and are encouraged to reflect on their practice and application of new learning and experiences using Learning Diaries. The participants will complete the programme with a Toolkit of techniques and strategies to further increase their effectiveness.

Diagnostic Assessment Tools & Leadership Programmes

Personal and interpersonal dynamics influence behaviour in all organisations. Some people prefer to work on their own, whilst others find working closely with teams rewarding. Some people turn every project into a competition or a race to gain personal recognition, others demonstrate teamwork.

Leaders need to be able to understand themselves and others to get the best from their teams.

The MBTI Type Indicator is a particularly useful instrument, as part of a leadership programme, to increase self-understanding and development.

Firo B helps individuals and teams gain insight in to common organisational situations and awareness of personal dynamics in the workplace.

Coaching & Leadership Programmes

Coaching, can transform an individual’s performance and, as part of a leadership programme, is a powerful tool for organisational development.

Through guided conversation and questioning individuals are encouraged to:

  • Explore their performance and personal contribution to the organisation
  • Identify their own blend of skills and how to deploy them to best effect
  • Work on a plan of self-development that enables people to prepare for and achieve more in their leadership role

The combination of group development and individual coaching can accelerate the growth of leaders.

Types of Leadership Programmes

Whilst programme content and timeframe is designed for each client individually we have outlined some sample programmes below for your consideration.

Emerging Leaders

This programme is aimed at managers who are developing and assuming more responsibilities as leaders. It will help them to think more deeply about their strengths and areas for development.
It explores key aspects of leadership;

  • how to inspire and influence others to achieve,
  • using an emotionally intelligent approach with others,
  • strategic thinking and visioning,
  • developing the art of managing performance

It will enhance their ability to expand their cross-functional understanding and develop best practice approaches to leadership.

Enhancing Leadership for Senior Managers

This programme is aimed at groups of senior managers who wish to advance their leadership skills and capability. It is designed to help leaders release power within their organisation and encourage leadership potential in others.
It provides opportunity to;

  • explore and challenge perceptions of leadership and current behaviours and management styles
  • identify ways to develop a culture of excellence and learning within an organisation

Women in Leadership

Women in leadership is designed to help women recognise their potential, and develop the confidence to overcome personal or professional obstacles and put themselves forward for more senior roles.

This is one of the flagship programmes of jml Training Consultancy.

The organisation will gain significant benefit as its female workforce;

  • assume more responsibility
  • utilise their talents
  • demonstrate their ability more confidently
  • develop a range of leadership skills and techniques that will enhance their contribution to the organisation

Inclusive Leadership

Promoting a culture in which the strengths of a diverse workforce are actively recognised and valued is a key objective of most organisations. However, this type of culture does not happen by default. It requires ongoing awareness and action to ensure it is addressed in everyday business activities.

Organisations that successfully incorporate these values into their work ethos actively ensure that the management of diversity and inclusion is given a consistently high priority.

jml Training Cosultancy can help you develop an organisational culture that values diversity and equality.

Achieving an inclusive working environment requires;

  • leadership that is visible and engaging
  • that can challenge and change values, beliefs and organisational behaviours
  • that can develop positive action initiatives.

Inclusive leadership has been a key area of work since the formation of the company. We have rigorously trained experts in experiential culture change work, who are highly facilitative and interactive and deliver inspirational, effective and enduring results.

We offer a selection of courses on this specialised subject:

  • The Inclusive Manager – Leading in a Diverse Workplace
  • Diversity and Inclusion at Work
  • Women in Leadership
  • Developing Effective Mentoring Programmes
  • Reducing the Impact of Unconscious Bias at Work
  • Ensuring Non-Discriminatory Staff Selection
  • Training for Trainers  – Delivering Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Preventing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
  • Ensuring a Supportive Work Environment
  • Building High Performing Diverse Teams

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