Team Building and Team Facilitation Services


Team Building

Team leaders and high-performing teams need time out to refresh and constructively challenge one another in order to maintain their competitive edge.

You may be leading a team that needs to reflect on how it is working and what it can do to increase its’ effectiveness and achieve results beyond what they are currently delivering.

A team building initiative is an investment that will enable your team to review its environment and current responses to it, explore the strengths and skills mix and identify areas of development.

We will meet with you to design the process and structure, facilitate the conversations to ensure issues and ideas are thoroughly explored, review and record actions to ensure there is follow-through.

Team building can include both joint team building workshops and individual team member coaching, psychometric profiling and reports, and on demand telephone/ email support.

Team Facilitation

In the lifecycle of teams there are times when an external facilitator can provide the neutral role to enable teams to resolve inter-team conflict, rivalries or improve commitment and accountability.

When dealing with complex issues, when group trust is low or emotions are high, or when full participation is required of every member, using an external facilitator may be the most efficient way forward.

We will meet with you to understand requirements/issues and if required conduct a climate assessment. We will then feedback on and refine the design, provide you with a meeting agenda and cover logistics and communication for the workshop session.

On the day we will introduce the workshop, provide an overview of process and meeting norms, facilitate discussions, and possible solutions, keep the focus on formulating action plans and next steps.

Following up on a facilitation workshop we will supply action notes, check-in with you on the effectiveness of the session and further possible next steps.

It may be appropriate to use diagnostic tools such as Firo B or MBTI Type Indicator as part of the preparation for a facilitated workshop.

Firo B is a widely used instrument that helps individuals and teams gain insight in to common organisational situations and that helps people understand interpersonal behaviour. It is another useful tool for organisations when thinking about leadership and work-group compatibility.

MBTI is a particularly useful instrument when you wish to get a team to work together more effectively; this can be a newly forming team or one that is facing the challenges of change. MBTI can help individuals and teams to recognise how differences between people can be used constructively rather than being a point of irritation or even conflict.

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